Chris Nicol

A Hydrogeologist with 17 years' experience in Australia and the UK. Chris has a strong background in conceptual hydrogeological model development, in addition to data analysis and modelling ranging from simple to highly complex.

Chris has worked on projects relating to: pure mapping and conceptualisation, environmental impact assessment of groundwater supplies, mine and quarry dewatering, construction and geotechnical investigations, groundwater reinjection feasibility, and groundwater / integrated groundwater-surface water resource management studies.

Chris has developed methodologies and tools for assessing and managing the risks of groundwater usage and land use change to water resources, including groundwater-dependent ecosystems. He also has expertise in hydrogeological mapping, GIS, data management, and programming.

Chris is proficient with a range of modelling codes and other software, including:

  • The MODFLOW family (including MODFLOW-USG, SURFACT and MODHMS);
  • PEST & related utilities;
  • Finite element codes HYDRUS and FEFLOW;
  • Model pre- and post-processors: AlgoMesh, Groundwater Vistas, Visual Modflow, GMS, MODPATH and mod-PATH3DU;
  • Soil moisture balance and land use models such as PERFECT and WAVES;
  • Software development and data analysis: Fortran, Python, R, Visual Basic (Applications/.Net), Access, Excel;
  • Spatial data analysis / visualisation: ArcGIS, QGis, GDAL/OGR, Paraview, Surfer, GSLib.