We pride ourselves on providing clients with robust and thoughtful conceptual models of groundwater and surface water systems. These models provide the foundations for well-designed, sound and defensible resource assessments.

At Groundwater Logic we focus on clear and concise reporting, so that key outcomes of what are often complex investigations may be communicated effectively.

There are a range of benefits in working with Groundwater Logic:

  • Our integrity, commitment and reliability for your projects.
  • Our Innovation: we have a history of investigating, developing and implementing new approaches to problems.
  • Our flexibility. We can provide: Project strategy, planning and design; Whole of Project delivery, or Project technical support and collaboration; Independent review; Advice, support and training for your team; Custom software development for data management, analysis and modelling; Representation for your organisation.
  • Value for money. As a small consultancy, our overheads are lower than those of larger consultancies, and therefore our rates are lower.
  • Whilst we are a small specialised consultancy, we enjoy partnering and working with other associates and consultancies. A larger team can be built if required.

Project examples, capability statements and full CVs provided upon request.